Club Bylaws

Club Bylaws

Lakeville Soccer Club is a non-profit, member run organization. The club operates under a series of by-laws which can be downloaded or viewed here:

Link to club bylaws

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Lakeville Soccer Club sees to hold it's players, parents and coaches to the highest level of conduct. As outlined in the travel guidelines, there are expectations set out for code of conduct for players, coaches and parents. Those documents can be accessed through the below links:

Player code of conduct

Parent code of conduct

Coach code of conduct


Use of LSC TIN

Use of the Lakeville Soccer Club Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is strictly prohibited for any individual, team or organization unless the following four conditions are successfully met:

1) Use of the Lakeville Soccer Club TIN is to receive sales tax exemption or for fundraising purposes.
2) A team representative must first obtain written permission from Lakeville Soccer Club for use of the TIN for a one-time, specific event.
3) The team must be directly affiliated with Lakeville Soccer Club.
4) The event can only be for team fundraising or organized team event (soccer league, team rental, training, or practice facility).

Under no circumstance may a team open a bank account using the Lakeville Soccer Club name or TIN.

Written permission can be obtained by completing the Request to Use Lakeville Soccer Club Taxpayer Identification Number form available below, and submitting it to the Club Treasurer ( for approval. The Club will then contact the organization which the team will be working with, and give them the TIN before the event occurs.

PDF form

Editable Excel form


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