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So you want to be a Referee?So you want to be a Referee? - Monday, March 03, 2014
Lakeville Soccer Club Grade 9 Referee Certification Clinic read more ...


 Lakeville Soccer club utilizes certified student and adult referees for all in-house, travel, and tournament games. We are always looking for new referees. If you are interested in becoming a club referee, you must first obtain the appropriate certification. 

Level of referee certification and how to register

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is one organization that coordinates referee development for the sport of soccer. Most Minnesota soccer organizations require certification through the USSF to receive game assignments in their leagues. 
Minnesota uses two levels of certification - called GRADE - for new soccer officials: Grade 9 - Recreational (Rec) Referee and Grade 8 - Referee. USSF's use of the term "Grade" has no connection with educational levels in school. There are no formal age restrictions to attain certification at either level, but Minnesota does make the following recommendations:
  • Anyone under the age of 15 should consider taking the Grade 9 course. The requirements to attain this level of certification include nine hours of instruction and a score of 75% or higher on a 50 question test. This level allows a person to officiate in recreational league (in-house) games up to age 14 as either a Referee or Assistant Referee or in MYSA games as Referee through U10 and Assistant Referee through U14.
  • Anyone age 15 or older should attend the Grade 8 course. This course requires 16 hours of training and a score of 75% or higher on a 100 question test. Certification at this level allows you the opportunity to be scheduled to any Referee or Assistant Referee position in the following leagues: In-house, MYSA, MASL, MRSL, MWSL*
Depending on the age group, assignments are made for both referees and assistant referees: Referee - The official that carries the whistle and runs on the field; Assistant Referee (AR) - The official that carries a flag and runs along the touch line (Side line). Games might have one Referee and no AR or one Referee and two ARs. USSF does not allow the assignment of two Referees and no AR.
Referees are assigned based on experience, ability and age in relation to the level of game being played. USSF Assignments as AR are made based on experience and ability. The guidelines stipulate that referees need special permission from their State Referee Committee (SRC) to Referee a game where they are eligible to play. For example, a 14 year old can serve as referee in U13 and younger games because they are too old to play in them. Because they could play in U14 or older games, they need special approval. This rule does not apply to AR assignments. 



Clinic Registration Information:

First and foremost, the entire registration process has been consolidated on one site, From this site, you will pay your registration fees, take your recertification test, complete any required online training, and then sign up for your recertification course in the spring. You no longer have to go to one site for information, a second to pay your registration, a third to take the test, and then a fourth to sign up for your course. does all four of these tasks and then some.

As a returning referee, you already have an account set up for you at You need to go to the site and log in, at which time you can reset your user name and password to something more familiar. There are plenty of self-help tools on the site if you are having problems, but even then, just follow the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the home page if you are still having issues with the site.