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2013-2014 Lakeville Soccer Club Winter Training

Training during the winter months is crucial for the development of youth soccer players. Players can use the off-season to work on their individual skills and their tactical understanding of the game. LSC offers many opportunities for soccer training over the winter months. Each session is unique and is designed to covers specific soccer concepts and skills. The sessions give players every opportunity to refine existing skills and learn new ones, in Lakeville! LSC believes that our specially designed programs will give your player a comfort level with the ball and a competitive advantage on the field. 

LSC Head Trainer, Seamus Tritchler, and training staff will focus on developing players to their fullest potential through footskills, technical skills and game knowledge.

Space is limited to 30 players per session.  PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOU CHOOSE THE 'PAY BY CHECK' OPTION, PLAYER IS NOT REGISTERED UNTIL PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED.  If you wish to register a child for a session different from his/her age, you must get approval from Director of Player Development.

See program dates, times and costs by clicking on Winter Training 2012-2013 link on the right.  

FYI - Due to the possibility of clinics not getting filled, LSC reserves the right to combine sessions.

Winter Goal Keeper Training 2014 at Saints Sports Academy and Irish Dome


Registration Open 


The Lakeville Soccer Club has made a commitment to our Goalkeepers. We look to train and develop the best Goalkeepers in the State within our Club. We will be starting our GK training programs at the Saints Academy and Irish Sports Dome facilities. Trainer, Shawn Quarandillo, will now feature terrific sessions for our goal keepers where they can get focused professional training, hundreds of handling/touches on the ball, and training for all of the essential GK skills. This includes, footwork, catching, throwing, punting, diving saves (we have dive mats) and more.

Your goalkeeper will get several intense, focused training sessions on critical skill techniques in an environment where they can get very specialized training. They get extensive chances to save, dive, kick and catch the soccer ball.

We focus on getting them more repetitions in one hour than they will most likely get in a month of regular training with their team. This allows your keeper to develop faster and gain more confidence. 
    •Positioning within the goal area - Ball line & Angle Arc, movement during run of play; transition to set for shot 
    •Reaction Save Techniques - We will spend a significant amount of time demonstrating and training correct diving and shot stopping technique 
    •Off-line Saves - High Crosses techniques: how to respond to high crosses and ownership of 6-yd box; 1v1's & Breakaway recognition and techniques 
    •Goalkeeper as captain of defense and first attacker - focus on foot skills within penalty area and distribution to back line and beyond; specific emphasis on appropriate communication and team leadership

This camp will incorporate sustained contact with the playing surface. Sweatpants or goalie knickers or pants, long-sleeve shirts or jerseys and correct goalkeeper gloves are required.

Registration is now open.

Register here today!

U09 - U12 Sundays, March 2, 9, 16, 23 at Saints Sports Academy Noon - 1:00 p.m. Registration Fee: $80


U13+ Sundays, February 23, March 2, 9, 16, 23 at Irish Dome 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Registration Fee: $100

Questions please contact Anne at

clubadmin@lakevillesoccer.org or Seamus Tritchler at headtrainer@lakevillesoccer.org


FYI - Due to the possibility of clinics not getting filled, LSC reserves the right to combine sessions