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Waiver and Refund Policy

Registration fees for LSC Programs (Travel, In-House, Tryouts, Training) are based on estimates of numbers of players participating in each season and the total costs associated with the season. As the beginning of the season draws near, the LSC budget is allocated for various programs (insurance, uniform kits, MYSA registration, field fee, trainers, equipment, etc.)

Refunds requests for the 2011 Fall In-House season must be in writing or e-mail to the In-House Manager and must include amount requested and reason. Refund Policy: For In-House player registrations - prior to July 31st a partial refund of $48 will be issued upon request. No refunds will be issued after this date.
No refund for any reason for the Travel (select) try-out fee of $30.
Refund Policy for 2012 Spring/Summer Travel:
Assume that only the first Installment ($150) was paid
LSC Travel Program Refund Policy:

  • After Evaluations, but before team announcement: $100.00
  • After team announcement $0.00
  • Player on the waiting list voluntarily decides to withdraw: $100.00
  • Player chooses to move to a higher competitive non-LSC team, no waiting list: $0.00
  • Club unable to place player: $150.00

LSC does not insure for a player withdraw due to an injury, therefore we do not refund because of injury.


Travel Age Group Chart

 Please register carefully:
1. Spring Travel (dob after 7-31-00) 1st Installment $150 IS FOR U9 & U10
2. Spring Travel (dob 8-1-99 to 7-31-01 inclusive) 1st Installment $150 IS FOR U11/U12
3. Spring Travel (dob before 7-31-99) 1st Installment $150 IS FOR U13 & ABOVE 


Bound to the Club

In compliance with MYSA Rules, once you register and pay a fee for the 2011 Fall or 2012 Spring/Summer Travel Season, you are 'bound' to that Club for the respective season. Any release from that commitment would be according to MYSA and/or Club rules.

Club Policy is not to release players unless they have an opportunity to play at a higher competitive level as mandated by MYSA rules. (ie. a C2 player moving to a C1 level of play)
Continuing with the registration process indicates that I understand and agree to this policy.
There are 4 steps in the registration process - Please complete all 4 steps to properly register


Code of Ethics 

All parents and players participating in the Lakeville Soccer Club Travel Program must read and sign a Code of Conduct Agreement.

Both of these agreements must be submitted to the Travel Program Manager prior to the distribution of a Player Pass.
The Code of Conduct  can also be found at the end of the LSC Travel Guidelines.


Careful Review 

Read the above statements carefully. By ‘clicking’ on the link below and finishing the player registration process you are agreeing to the Club Policies above.

Click on the link below to continue with registration.

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